Night Charter Junks & Victoria Harbour Cruise in Hong Kong
There's no better way to experience the city's passion and vibrancy from the Victoria Harbour on a private yacht. Having an annual dinner or wedding on boats definitely brings you unforgettable memories.

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Elephant | Lux. Mega Event Yacht
City Night Charter Luxury Yacht
Hot Item 3
Max. 56 Pax | 84 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$25,000 HK$23,000 up
SANLORENZO SL90 2023 | Italian Luxury Yacht
Tailored Luxury Yacht Experience
Hot Item 1
Max. 20 Pax | 90 ft | 4 hrs
Southern District
HK$158,000 up
The Supreme Luxury Choice
40 Mil. Premium Boat
Choose any 8 hours!
Fantastic - 50 Pax Party Junk
Squid Fishing or Victoria Harbour Night Cruise
Hot Item
Max. 50 Pax | 53 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$6,000 up
Choose any 8 hours!
HJ Speedboat 31
City Night Charter Fishing Speedboat
Hot Item
Max. 8 Pax | 31 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$2,800 up
Ruby 56'
newly renovated in 2023| City Night Charter Cruiser
Hot Item
Max. 28 Pax | 56 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$12,000 up
Permere Amer 82'
Luxury Yacht Night Charter
Hot Item
Max. 56 Pax | 86 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$25,500 HK$20,500 up
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