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Ferry Charter

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Size: 56 ft
Rent Hours: 8 Hours
Earliest Boarding: 08:00
Latest Alighting: 00:00
Max Guests: 120
Language: CAN, ENG, MAN
Down Payment: 50%



Contact us for tailor-made itinerary. 


Weekday: HK$8,000.00 up
Weekend: HK$10,000.00 up

Child charges
● Price of the child under age 3 is the same as adult.

Payment Arrangement
● 50.00% deposit is needed to confirm booking. Settle remaining due at least 14 days before sailing date

F & B

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Amenities / Svcs

● Washroom


✘ No smoking
✘ Cooking is not allowed

Things to note before booking

Rental terms

All guests must agree to and accept the following terms before booking.  

  1. Any additional items/services shall be notified at least 5 days in advance. The charter price shall be subject to the confirmation of the order, and the additional guests will be charged the price at the time of booking. The price of water activities and additional services will be charged at the price at the time of the request. The number of guests selected, water activities, and additional services cannot be reduced.
  2. The number of people on board shall not exceed the maximum number of persons onboard the vessel.
  3. If the number of guests onboard exceeds the original number, the guest needs to make up the difference(please refer to the price description on the website). If the number of people onboard is less than the original number, the guest still has to pay the relevant fees in accordance with the original number of people on board.
  4. Under no circumstances may the guest change to another yacht after confirmation of the booking.
  5. In case of carrying any large equipment(including but not limited to audio equipment, cooking utensils, and large equipment)or needing to cook, the guest must inform in advance and obtain the consent of the vessel owner. Otherwise, the vessel owner has the right to refuse the guest to board the boat and charge additional fees.
  6. Please arrive at the pier in advance. If the guest fails to arrive at the pier within two hours(yacht)/ 15 minutes(speedboat and other services)after the designated boarding time, the booking will be terminated automatically and all agreed rent must be paid in full.
  7. No compensation will be made if the boat arrives late or lands early due to traffic or weather-related problems.
  8. The final route can only be determined according to the weather and water situation on the day of boarding. Any additional surcharges due to route changes should be paid to the vessel owner on the same day.
  9. The charter price shown on the website is for recreational purposes only. For other special purposes such as commercial promotion, marriage, etc, please contact us for a quotation.
  10. During the rental period, if any equipment, apparatus, appliance, or other property is damaged or destroyed(other than normal wear and tear), stolen, or removed, the guest shall also pay for the repair, repair, or repurchase of the item to the vessel owner.
  11. If the facilities or services listed as free of charge cannot be provided, the vessel owner will arrange similar facilities or services as far as possible, though no compensation will be made. If the charged additional facilities or services cannot be provided, the guest may choose to change to similar services or refund the payment for such facilities or services.
  12. If the boat fails to sail due to mechanical failure before the voyage, the vessel owner will notify the guest to reschedule as soon as possible or replace it with a vessel of similar grade if permitted, or the guest may choose to refund the charter.
  13. In the event of mechanical failure during the voyage, the vessel owner shall do his best to send passengers back to the pier. If the time taken has exceeded one-half of the charter time or has arrived at the destination, there will be no additional rescheduling. In the case of the rescheduling period, it can only be used on weekdays or the chartered amount can be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
  14. All guests should take care of their own properties and own belongings. Holimood & vessel owners will not be responsible for any damages or loss. Please seek for police's help if needed.
  15. For safety reasons, No diving/jumping from the upper deck, and No swimming at night time. It is illegal to take, smoke, inhalant, ingest or inject dangerous drugs on board. The owner has the right to terminate the day's itinerary immediately. No compensation will be provided.
  16. All guests are responsible for the safety of themselves and their companions. In case of any accident, the guest shall bear all accident risks and responsibilities. Guests have no right to claim compensation or recover responsibility from Holimood for their own accident, death, or loss in any form caused during the journey.
  17. Guests can purchase extra insurance if it is needed.

Bad Weather Arrangement

  1. In case of adverse weather, vessel owners will decide whether to sail or not or change the route of that day in light of the circumstances. All decision made will be based on safety.  Vessel owners reserve all rights to cancel or reroute the boat trip in terms of adverse weather conditions.
  2. The boat trip will remain scheduled as usual without a refund, when:
    i) Typhoon signal 1 or Red Rainstorm Signal are hoisted; 
    ii) The higher typhoon signal is changed to typhoon signal No. 1 and Black rainstorm Signal is changed to Red Rainstorm Signal two hours before onboarding
    Guests shall keep close contact with the vessel owner to determine the arrangement for that day.
  3. If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal is still hoisted 2 hours before the onboarding time, the trip could be rescheduled or cancelled. 

    Reschedule(for booking from April to September):
    According to the reservation vacancy, reservations from April to September can be changed to the same weekdays or weekends in or after October in the same year, and if you wish to change it to the same weekdays or weekends before October in the same year, guests may have to bear the extra fee if applied(Please contact vessel owners for details), and the difference in updating the reservation is non-refundable.

    Reschedule(for booking from October to March):
    The reservation from October to March can be changed to the same weekdays or weekends within 3 months of the original date. If you want to change it to the same weekdays or weekends after 3 months of the original date, guest may have to bear the extra fee if applied(Please contact vessel owners for details). The difference in the updated reservation is also non-refundable.

    50% of the total amount of the order shall be paid as a handling fee if the order is cancelled.
  4. If the No. 3 or higher typhoon signal or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted during the charter period, the vessel owner has the right to return earlier time than scheduled in accordance with the Hong Kong Shipping Ordinances and for safety reasons. There will be no compensation, rescheduling or refund in the remaining time.
  5. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of any charter order, food and beverage in all booking orders shall not be changed or cancelled. Due to food preparation or other factors, guest still has to bear the full cost(Please contact vessel owners for details)and pick up the food from the selected location on time.
  6. All changes must be paid within one week, otherwise all rights will be deemed to be waived.
  7. If the boat is unable to pick up passengers at the designated pier due to weather conditions o water situation, guests shall board according to the pier suggested by the vessel owner.
  8. Guests can only change the reservation time once.

Cancellation Policy





  • 租賃人若欲於繳付預訂金額後更改預訂日期,必須於開船前三個星期提出更改(除惡劣天氣),否則不設更改。
  • 根據預訂空缺,預訂可更改至 3 個月內之相等日子,租賃人亦須繳付手續費(更改日期該天船河價格之 40%)。
  • 如租賃人最初預訂之日子為平日,更改之日子也必須為平日;如租賃人最初預訂之日子為假日,更改之預訂日子必須為假日,並需自行承擔一切更新預訂之差額。
  • 租賃人只可以更改預訂時間一次。
  • 本公司不接受更改船隻
  • 任何取消或改期,船家代租賃人預訂之物品及飲食,如因餐飲已製或其他因素,租賃人仍須承擔其費用並自行如期到出發處取回物品及飲食自行分發。
  • 出航前船隻機件發生故障,而未能及時修復,船家將儘快通知租賃人改期或在許可情況下另以相約等級之船代替,或顧客可選擇退還船租。


  • 租賃人若在繳付預訂金額後取消預訂,所有預訂金額不設退還。
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