A boat party is a MUST-go item in Summer every year. The junk boat is definitely a cost-effective choice for a group of friends gathering. Most junk boats are designed to be practical and spacious, and there is definitely enough room for a large group of people to throw a party. The price of the junk boat is more affordable, and some of them even provide free food or water activities. Let's choose a junk boat and have a party with friends and family!

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FJ Junk Boat 50
Sai Kung Junk Boat Party Set (Free lunch, Speedboat and water toys)
Earliest available date: 2022-10-01
Hot Item 36
Max. 40 Pax | 50.2 ft | 8 hrs
Sai Kung
HK$ 7200 up
Fast Confirm
CH Junk Boat 60
2021 Newly Furnished Junk Boat (Optional Seafood/ BBQ / WaterSports/ Ocean pool)
Earliest available date: 2022-10-03
Hot Item 4
Max. 38 Pax | 60 ft | 8 hrs
Sai Kung
HK$ 9000 up
Fast Confirm
Amazing 60 feet Floatudio Junk
City Night Charter Junk Boat
Earliest available date: 2022-10-01
Hot Item 10
Max. 37 Pax | 60 ft | 4 hrs
Victoria Harbour
HK$ 6400 up
Fast Confirm
Fast Confirm